How to create a smokey eye with smashbox eyeshadows

The first step is to prime your lids with eyeshadow primer. The best primer I've ever used is this one by NARS its their Pro-Prime Eyeshadow Base but use whichever one you want or have!

This is the palette I will be using but feel free to sub each shade with the closest one you have if you don't have this particular palette. :)

Start by applying the shade Aqua (metallic aquamarine color) on to your lid. I am trying to stay on my lid and not go up into my crease but I don't have that much space so do your best!

Ok so now I have Aqua all over my lid. It should look like this. This also lets you see my flimsy little eyelashes which I will fix later with falsies. Lol

Next I am taking the shade Smoke (a matte dark grey) and blending it into my crease and into the aqua color on my lid.

Keep blending and blending it into the crease. Keep using more as needed.

I am also putting a little bit of that Smoke color onto my lower lashline but just on the outer corner.

It should look like this so far.

Next I have taken some of the Sapphire shade (a shimmery blue black color) and applied it just to my outer V, my outer corner of my eye and crease only. I am using a smaller brush to apply it.

Keep blending and blending. It should look like this after you've finished.

Next with a very small brush take the shade Luster (a deep taupe color) and apply to the lower lash line all over the bottom.

With a small brush I am taking the shade Silver (a metallic champagne silver color) and applying it just to my inner corner for a nice highlight.

Last I am taking the shade Sandstone (a light matte beige color) and applying it to my browbone.

Ok once you've done all of those steps your eyeshadow should look like this!

To finish the look I've applied some liquid eyeliner. I am using L'oreal's Carbon Black Liner Intense and false eyelashes from E.L.F. I've applied Smashbox Full Exposure mascara to my bottom lashes.

This is the end result.

Watch the video: smashbox Cover Shot Eye Shadow Palettes. Review, Swatches, u0026 Tutorials!

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