How to diy party bag favors..any size gift bags

Start with paper of choice. Wrapping paper, construction paper, paper out of magazines, books or anything else you like.

Remember before you start.. how you fold the paper will be how it will look standing up. I don't want it like this so I need to turn it.

Like this. Fold one side to the middle.

Fold the other side overlapping a bit. Like shown in pic.

Trim the bottom if not straight.

Now tape, staple or glue the flap down.

Now fold the bottom however big you want the base of the bag to be.

Fingers in the fold.

Press down each side.

Like so. Now yours may not touch in the middle. That's okay. The next step will close it up.

Fold one side to middle.

Other side overlapping. Remember, this is the bottom of the bag.

Then secure the flaps with tape or your other choice.

Now fold long side a third way.

And on other side too, creasing well.

Now open flaps. Fingers in the bag.

You may have to use a pencil if your hand won't fit it.

Straighten out the bottom of the bag.

See the side creases?

Now you can just fill and fold the top over.

Or... Take a party napkin. Cut a small square of it. ( For a small bag like this one. )

Fold hamburger style.

Fold down on itself.

Open up.

Find the center. And pinch it up.

Turned around you can see its pinched in the center.

Take other hand and cup above the pinched part.

Place in your bag.

Like so.

Make several for party favors or just one for a special gift.

Use your own materials. Brown craft paper, ribbon and glued on embellishments.

Amazing what black circles, white circles on red and pink blocks come out, huh?

Maybe make paper flower.

Love the use of newspapers!

This could be from an old card or magazine. Whatever you do, pick what you have already. Be creative and Have Fun. Enjoy!

Watch the video: DIY Purse Party Favor, treat bag, paper- tutorial

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