How to make royal icing for cookie & pastry decor

Measure 1/4 cup warm water

And pour water into mixing bowl.

Measure 1 tbsp light corn syrup

Add corn syrup to mixing bowl.

Measure almond extract

Whisk together wet ingredients until well combined.

Measure icing sugar a cup at a time.

Add to your water/almond/extract mixture.

Whisk together ingredients.

Add the next part of icing sugar.

Mix together, you'll gradually see it get more and more viscous.

Once it becomes more viscous you can allow the electric mixer take over, mix on medium until well combined.

This should be the texture of the royal icing when you're done.

Use royal icing to ice your cookies!

Step by step recipe can be found here:

Watch the video: How to Make Cookie Icing Three Ways with Three Looks

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