How to make diy coasters

Start with your supplies. I already had the Mod Podge and the paper, so I didn't need to buy any. I found the tiles at Home Depot for 16 cents each and the felt stickers for $2.

Get your tile. It's just a simple 4" X 4" tile, but you could use different sizes for yours!

I recommend putting the stickers on BEFORE you start glueing to avoid a mess.

Choose your paper. I wanted a patter for mine but anything works for this project. You could even print out pictures for it. I found that thin paper was the best though, as it will adhere better.

Trace your tile and cut out your paper.

Lay a generous coat of glue down and place your paper over.

Then glue over the top.

It will dry clear, but I didn't like the unevenness in the glue so I put another layer on.

This is after both coats have dried. I was happy with the evenness of two coats of glue.

And here's the final product! This entire project only cost me about $4!

And ready for use!

Watch the video: How to Make Wood Coasters and a Coaster Holder-DIY Tutorial #diycoasters

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