How to make a matchbox valentine

Gather supplies.

Remove drawer from sleeve.

Prepare drawer.

Adhere decorative paper inside and on front and back walls. Set drawer aside.

Cover sleeve.

Apply distress ink if desired.

Wrap with burlap.

Adhere lace and heart cut out.

Wrap with string.

Tie and trim.

Tie key to string. Insert drawer.

Here are a few more to complete the set....

You know you can't make just one!

These sweet little masterpieces are fun to hide Valentine treats, make nice little decor accents or use for a lovely table setting as place markers.

Add glitter for a bit of sparkly goodness.

Kits for the step by step matchbox created in this guide are available on my


Watch the video: DIY Surprise Matchbox for Valentines Day II DIY Valentines Day Gift Idea II How to made a match box

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