How to use your outdoor furniture as a wardrobe in winter

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The idea is simple: In winter you don't sit outside so you need a place for your outdoor furniture. Why not combine them?

A bench and a stool can easily be turned int a wardrobe by hanging them on the wall.

The instructions are based on the IKEA Applarö outdoor furniture. But this can be achieved with most outdoor furniture.

First of all, hang it on the wall.

The hooks I used also came from IKEA, they are called TJUSIG & BJÄRNUM

The TJUSIG hooks are great to hang the bench, for the chairs and stool use BJÄRNUM hooks.

The chairs can be hung using just one BJÄRNUM hook.

Now, let's create a hanging rail from TJUSIG hooks and a LANSA door handle.

You can screw the LANSA door handle directly to the hooks.

You need to replace the screws provided by IKEA with shorter ones (DIN 84 5x30 / 30mm long)

Simply hang your newly created hanging rail on the bench.

No need for screws .

Now you can hang your summer jackets.

Any time you need the bench, you can move the entire hanging rail and hang it on a door for example

Whenever you have too many guests, you can even use it as a second wardrobe for their jackets.

Without any modification you can also hang clothes on the stool.

Now: Use the space above!

On top, you'll have some extra space for boxes full of summer stuff...

... for example: More shoes!!!

When you do this in an open space: Protect your clothes from dirt using clothes bags

A nice place for this is an unused corner below the stairs, but dirt will come down from above. Especially in a place like this you need to protect your clothes with clothes bags.

In our case, it even matches the floor

If you have any questions or need more details, just post a comment. In case you like this idea, have a look at my other Snapguides:

Edit (March 2015): IKEA seems to like the idea of hanging those chairs with the same hooks as well...

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