How to celebrate chinese new year

To celebrate the Chinese New Year, Go Connect have put together 10 steps that everyone can do for good luck and a prosperous year!

Step 1: Decorate your house. The color that is most recommended is red. Red is the color or symbol of good luck in Chinese culture. The number "8" also symbolises good luck.

Step 2: Clean the house just before the New Year, this tradition is founded in the belief that cleaning the house will "sweep away the bad luck" that has accumulated inside over the past year.

Step 3: Have a traditional dinner on New Year's Eve. This is one of the most important parts of the celebration. Tradition follows to not cook on New Years Day, so many eat large meals on the Eve.

Step 3: Traditional dishes include fish, jai, chicken, law pak ko, lin guo (sticky rice cake), noodles and desserts. Dumplings play a special role in New Year food, resembling ancient Chinese gold.

Step 4: Get a trim. A hair cut before New Year's is a must as cutting anything during Chinese New Year is considered bad luck

Step 5: New Clothes. Prefer the colour red, associated with joy and good fortune, red clothes will ensure that you're fully in the spirit of the celebrations. Avoid the colour black which is Bad luck.

Step 6: Time with Friends & relatives. Giving red envelopes with money/treats is tradition to scare away evil spirits and bring good fortune. It's a time of sharing & connecting with those around us.

Step 7: Chinese New Year is a time of happiness and good fortune and it's important to spread the goodwill. Avoid having any quarrels, fights, or negative attitudes, these will bring you bad luck.

Step 8: Greeting With “Gung Hey Fat Choy”. Be sure to wish everyone a “gung hey fat choy,” which wishes others prosperity and wealth.

Step 9: Make 3 wishes. tales say that 75% of what we write down during the New Year happens, so write out three wishes, affix them to a tree so that they can blow in the wind.

Step 10: Attend our Chinese New Year event on 19th Feb. Includes food, performances, workshops plus much more. Tickets are FREE and can be booked at the International Office.

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