How to bake a cake

gather your materials

add all of your ingredients into a bowl

mix with mixer or wisk

add some chocolate if you want you could also add almonds or other food of your choice

use butter or butter spray to spray your tray /plate that your going to put in the oven

add cake batter into plate/tray

try to carefully shake the bowl/tray to spread the cake batter and to even it up also make sure that what your using is oven bake

pop in the oven for 350 degrees depending on oven for 5-15 min also depending on oven

when out of the oven it should look something like this you may want to check if batter is cooked with a toothpick or fork

then you could use toppings of your choice remeber to let cake cool down before adding toppings

now you have a delicious home made cake from scratch and cakes are always more fun when made with friends with friends :)

Watch the video: How to Bake a Cake Kids Style

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