How to boil chinese style watercress soup

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First skinned the chicken and remove all fats.

Soaked wolfberries in cold water until puffy and drained.

Rinse well the red dates.

Wash and rinsed well the watercress. Then cut into big pieces.

Blanch the chicken pieces to remove scum to ensure clear soup.

Put everything in a pot or pressure cooker, Cover and cooked till done, about 1 hour.

Just 5 minutes before soup is cooked, add in the wolfberries.

And we're done! This soup is best served hot and is believed to have a 'cooling' effect. It is also loaded with lots of vitamins and anti oxidant so it's always a soup to have every now and then.

This nourishing bowl of watercress soup is the real taste of home cooked soup. So Enjoy! For more, like us on Facebook and get instant updates on our latest recipes at



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