How to make the most of your bathroom cabinets space

If this is how your bathroom cabinet looks like then let's get to work right away

Find any old bins or containers that can fit in your drawers. I also used an old Popsicle maker to store some of my makeup. As many dividers you create the easier it will be to pull anything out

Voila! Magically organized

Now I have a space for my makeup brushes. All my eye makeup and even my fake lushes

A special space for my eyeshadow and for blush. All my lipsticks organized easy to see the shade.

I divided the top drawer as well. Placed there all my primers, perfume and more makeup

Even my magnifying mirror is busy holding my hair accessories 😅

No room left for my nail polish so I found at TJMaxx this acrylic trey just for this, but

If you can't find anything like that then you can repurpose your old spice rack or anything like it will do

After finding the acrylic tray I moved my spice rack to the medicine cabinet and it works well

Under the sink I placed some narrow bins to hold all other bigger items such as body lotions and hair styling products

I had an extra space for my hair tools as well...yay

Watch the video: How to Build a Bathroom Towel Cabinet

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