How to clean your engagement ring

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Don't spend extra on sending your ring to a jewellers to be cleaned. Here's how I do it at home! (Unedited photo)

Materials: Hand wash (non moisturising), fine bristle toothbrush, cup, and a wedge of lemon (optional)

I usually rinse the ring with lemon juice first. I find that it speeds up the process and breaks down the residues on the ring much faster

Lay a cloth over your sink in case anything falls in! Add soap, warm water and excess lemon juice into the cup and let it soak a while (5mins or so)

Hold the ring securely on your index finger. Start brushing gently in secular motions, all around. Don't forget the inside of the ring.

Rinse the ring and let it air dry. I usually clean other pieces of jewellery together to save time.

All clean and shiny again! (Unedited photo)

Caution: Do not brush your ring too hard. This can loosen the setting over the long term. Leave a comment if this helped you! :)

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