How to make japanese light chiffon cheesecake.

I recommend you to layout the ingredients and read the instructions a few times before start baking. Here i put cream cheese and yogurt together.

Nuke it for 30 secs to soft the cream cheese down.

Give it a good beat to combine

Stir until cool down to 35c - 45c

Add to the lightly beaten yolks, stir to combine.

Add oil

Add (already sifted) cake flour.

Whisk until smooth use rubber spatula to fold and check around the edges to make sure no more flour pocket is left in the batter.

Whisk the white until foamy on medium speed

Add sugar

When u get soft peak.

Add lemon juice and keep on going on medium speed until hard peak and glossy.

Fold the white in in 3 batch.

Be gentle

Add the batter to the mold. Today i use 16 cm chiffon mold. And a coffee mug. With a chopstick draw circular motion in the batter to get rid of any air pocket trapped in the batter.

Bake at 160c for 30 minutes or until done.

This is how u cool the cake down, on a bottle. When completely cool, run the side of the mold with a knife and gently shake the cake out.

This is how fluffy it is.

Serve with some fruits jam and whipped cream

Here's how it looks like before decorations.

Watch the video: Japanese Cheesecake - Delicious Baking Recipe. Craft Passion

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