How to make a delicious, healthy hummus

Ingredients^ No measurements needed, just a just to your taste

Drain the chickpeas

Put them in a food processor (or blender if yours in in the wash like mine!)

Add a 'drizzle' of olive oil. Once again, adjust amount to preference of consistency and taste

Blend until smoothish

Ad the lemon | TIP | Before squeezing the juice out, roll the whole lemon between your palm and the bench too. This loosens up the inside, therefor releasing more juice

Put in desired amount

Add salt and pepper to taste

Add garlic

| TIP | Crush the garlic with the flat side of a knife to get the skin (is that the word?) off easily

So much easier

Chip up finely and put into the blender

Pulse until everything is all mixed together

At this point, it is a must to taste. See what it needs

I decided I needed to add lemon...

And more salt. Mix together and you're done!

Now you may put it in your favourite bowl (believe me, it deserves your fav) and enjoy with crisps, crackers, or vegetables! Lasts a couple of days in the fridge

This dip is vegan friendly, healthy, and easy to make! Everyone who I've made it for has loved it. Please let me know if you made it, and/or what you changed. Feel free to 'like' and 'follow' :)

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