How to make a stamped fathers day card with clearsnap ink

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Teresa Collins ColorBox Pigment Inks are SUPER Creamy & come in great "on trend" colors. HEAT SET AFTER STAMPING IN THE FOLLOWING STEPS

stamp circle of stars using Glitz Gold Ink onto cream cardstock. remember to HEAT SET inks after each step!

stamp father's day circle inside circle of stars using Loft Black Ink.

stamp next circle using Fiesty Red Ink.

stamp "dad" circle on a separate piece of cream cardstock using Loft Black Ink.

cut out circles or use circle punches.

make card base by folding a 5 X 10 piece of kraft cardstock in half.

cut a 1 1/2 X 4 1/2 piece of black cardstock and a 1 1/2 X 5 piece of red cardstock. dovetail one end of each piece.

use small star and Glitz Gold Ink to add stars to red cardstock piece.

add sentiment to end of red banner using Loft Black Ink.

use large scribble star stamp with Platinum Silver Ink to add stars all over card front.

use large solid star and Gold Shine Ink to add stars all over card front.

use Art Dauber and Platinum Silver Ink to distress the edges of both circle pieces and the card front.

glue black banner about 1/4" away from left side of card front and red banner about a scant 1/4" away from black banner. both banners should be flush with the top of the card.

glue on cream circle about 1/2" from top of black banner, then add "dad" circle using a 3D dot.

finished card, all ready for dad! please visit me each month on the Clearsnap Blog for a new card sketch: and you can find me at

Watch the video: Fathers Day Cards. Easy Masculine Cards Using Up Scraps


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