How to diy fabric bowl

Take a bowl the size you want your bowl to be, and cover it with the plastic pellicule. Then, rub some vaselin on it. This will prevent the plastic to stick on the fabric

Then, mix equal parts of modpodge with water in another bowl

Take two fabrics you like, cut strips of about 1" each, long enough so that it falls on each sode of the bowl you want to cover. Then let sit in the modpodge mixture for a minute or two

Start covering your bowl with the fabric you want inside, facing the right side down. When its all covered up, take the fabric for the outside, and put it the right side facing up. Let dry for a day

When its as hard as you want (took two days for me), cut the edges of the bowl and remove the plastic pellicule

I added a bit of dentel to fancy the edges, and TADAM!! A fanric bowl that makes a perfect gift or place for your keys and knick-knacks!!

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