How to make a sepak takraw ball

Start by laying out the white strip, diagonally

Put a black strip over the white one so that it will form an X.

On the right side of the X, slide the blue strip under the white and over the black strip.

On the left side of the X, slide the green strip over the black and under the white strip.

On the top side of the X, slide a yellow strip under the black, over the green, under the blue, and over the white.

Look at the top half of the star and carefully cross the green strip over the blue strip to form a star shape in the center of your pattern. Notice each strip is going over and under each other.

Adjust the strips so the star in the middle is tight as shown above. Try to keep equal lengths of strips on each side of the star.

Put paper clips at the point of each star. Sliding your pattern to the edge of the table can help make attaching the paper clip easier.

Take the orange strip and coil it to the size of your whole star and keep it in place with a paper clip.

Slide the orange loop so that the blue strip that is under the green strip is through the loop. Keep it so the orange loop is touching the point of the star as shown above.

As you add more strips through the orange ring make sure the orange ring is slid down to the bottom of each V.

Slide the green and black strips into the orange ring as shown above. Remember to keep the orange ring right at the points of your star.

Coil the Blue strip together to the size of orange strip.

Coil the green strip to the size of the orange loop. Make sure the green loop is going over the blue loop as shown above.

Add a paper clip to hold together the blue and green loops.

Coil the white strip over the blue and green strips and try to make it the same size as the orange loop.

Before coiling the yellow strip, weave it over the white loop, under the blue loop, and over the green loop. Then coil it to the same size as the orange loop.

For the black strip, weave it under the blue loop, over the white loop, under the green loop, and over the yellow loop. then coil it to the same size as the orange loop. Then take off the paper clips.

Watch the video: how to make sepak takraw rattan ball Philippines made

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