How to make a no sew pioneer doll

Choose English. Tap Next.

Choose United States. Tap Next.

Choose NWSC-Guest if you are at school. Choose your home wi-fi if necessary.

Choose Enable Location Services. Tap Next.

Choose Set Up as New iPad. Tap Next.

Choose Sign in with an Apple ID. Tap Next.

Type in your iTunes email and your password.

Tap Agree if you agree to the iTunes terms.

Tap Use iCloud. Tap Next.

Choose Back Up to iCloud. Tap Next.

Choose Use Find My iPad. Tap Next.

If you have an iPhone, your phone number will probably show up here. That is good. Tap Next.

Choose Start Using iPad and you ready to go!

Watch the video: Homestead Craft: Prairie Rag Doll Pattern. Homeschool CurriculumPioneer. How to Make a rag doll

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