How to make my wife's carrot & walnut cake

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Spray loaf tin with oil spray

Line with grease proof paper

Grate your carrots

Until you get 300g

Scale 250g walnuts

Chop them bad boys up

Add to your grated carrots

Get your flour

Place in fine sieve

Add cinnamon

Add baking powder

Add salt

Sieve and set aside

Add two whole eggs to your mixer

Add 3/4 cup oil to eggs

And the other bit

Add 1tsp vanilla essence

Scale your sugar

Add your sugar

Add whisk attachment to mixer

And mix

Until like this

Change to paddle attachment

Add flour mix

Until it's like this then add walnuts and carrots

Like this

Like this

Give it a wee turn to make sure you have all the bits from the bottom mixed in

If the batter tastes good the cake will taste good!

Get your tin ready

Add to tin

Level the top out

Bake on 180C for 1hr 15min. Turn around half way through. Turn oven down a little if the cake is colouring too fast

Time for the lemon icing. Scale icing sugar

Sieve into stand mixer bowl

Scale butter

Scale cream cheese

Add butter

Mix until all mixed in

Zest one lemon

Chop up cream cheese

Add to icing sugar, butter mix

Add lemon

Until it's lovely like this

Ta da!

Remove cake from oven and allow to cool for a couple of hours

When cool top with lemon icing

Like this, keep any extra in the fridge

Top with chopped walnuts

And there you have it lovely moist carrot and walnut cake with lemon icing

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