How to make rabbit porchetta using an alto-shaamctp combi

Combine and grind all ingredients except the saddle, asparagus, carrot, bacon, and coppa batons. Use a coarse die on your meat grinder. Lay out saddle inside up and pound out belly with a flat mallet.

Season with salt and pepper and score belly in a crosshatch pattern, do not cut through.

Detail of scoring.

Place layer of forcemeat onto the belly, leave about 1/2" at bottom uncovered.

Press vegetables and meat batons into the forcemeat, laying them out parallel to each other.

Roll the loin over the belly and forcemeat forming a log.

Coat a piece of tin foil with canola oil, salt, and pepper.

Roll the porchetta up in the tin foil, twisting the ends to create a tight log. Chill for 30 min. Sear the foil wrapped log in hot sauté pan, about 2 min per side.

Place into an Alto-Shaam CTP combi oven at 210F (99C) in convection mode, 100% humidity, 60% fan, to an internal temp of 137F (58C). Rest 10 min, then place into a 34F (1C) Quick Chiller for 2 hours.

Slice your porchetta 3/8" thick, plate and serve!

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