How to make kim chi

Make a heavily salted water solution

Quarter the cabbage and slice into 1.5 in sections

Soak the cabbage on the salt water for about 2 hours

Place a plate or something heavy on top of the cabbage to keep it immersed in the water.

Mince garlic, and ginger. Cut the scallions into 1.5 inch sections and cut batons out of the daikon.

Kochukaru. (You should be able to find this at an Asian Supermarket.)

Add as much as you would like, depending on how spicy you would like the product to be.

Add fish sauce. (I used about a half cup here.)

Mix all of the items together. It should be pasty and slightly wet, but there shouldn't be liquid running out of it. If its too dry add more fish sauce.

Strain salt water off of the cabbage. Press the cabbage in the colander to remove excess water.

Combine cabbage with the rest of ingredients.

Mix everything well.

Place in jar. It is important to vent the jar once a day or so for the first 2 days, there will be pressure build up from the fermentation. Leave at room temp for about 48 hours & refrigerate 4-7days

Watch the video: Traditional kimchi recipe Tongbaechu-kimchi: 통배추김치

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