How to bake chocolate molten cakes in 2 minutes

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Melt chocolate and butter. Mix sugar and cocoa together in a separate large bowl. Add eggs, whisk until well blended. Whisk in chocolate mixture.

Butter and sugar the ramekins.

Fill with batter

Write a 4-step program. Set oven to 400F (204C) for all steps. Step 1: 30 seconds, 10% fan, 100% microwave; Step 2: 30 seconds, 50% fan, 20% microwave; Step 3 1 minute, 60% fan, no microwave;

Step 4: Use the +1 button for each additional cake up to 3 cakes

Ready to bake

Remove ramekins from Xcelerate Hi-Speed Oven.

Ready to serve

Set around the sides and molten in the center

Watch the video: 1 MINUTE CHOCOLATE LAVA Cake Quick Recipe

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