How to make apple chips in your alto-shaam 300th

Start by making simple syrup. (Boil some sugar water)

Time to slice our apple.

Take your time to make your slices look nice and even.

Dunk the slices in the syrup you made.

Lay the slices flat on your Silpat on the sheet pan.

Put in the oven at 150F (65C) overnight. 160F (71C) works if you are able to pull them out in 5-6 hours.

Make sure the vents on your oven are open all the way.

In the morning, pull the pan from the oven.

Peel the Silpat from the chips (Not the other way around because the chips are not flexible)

Tasty snack all finished!! These can also be used as a creative grains or for layers in a Napoleon.

Watch the video: How To Make Apple Chips

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