How to make paper speakers / headphones

The supplies to build your speakers.

Cut a length of magnet wire of about 2ft.

Sand both ends (about 1.5 inches) of the wire to remove the protective coating.

Before wrapping the wire around your finger, leave about two inches of the tip above your finger

Lightly wrap the wire around your finger (do not cut of your circulation) and leave the tip of the end of the wire about 2 inches above your finger like in the last step. Both tips should about match

Flip your cup to be standing up. Cut off a piece of tape large enough to tape the magnet to the inside bottom of your cup.

Ideally, your magnet should be inside (in the middle) of the loop of your wire on the other side of the bottom.

Cut one of the heads off of the audio cords. Then remove the black plastic coating to expose the smaller cords and wires inside.

This is what mine looked like after completing the last step. Notice there are three different wires here (the metal wires already exposed, the white cord, and the red cord)

Snip off the red wire or you can just fold it down - we are using the bare wire and one of the color coated wires.

Strip a little of the insulating plastic off the white wire to expose the metal wires. About 3/8".

Connect the two headed auxiliary cable between your music source and the input of your amplifier. (We're using an iPod for this activity)

Plug the second cord you just worked on into the external output spot.

Connect one end of both alligator-clips to the metal from the one-headed auxiliary cord. Dont let the metal ends of the wires or alligator clips touch each other.

Now connect other end of the alligator clips to each wire of your copper coil.

To make headphones repeat steps 1-16. Check to see if both speakers are working. If yes, Skip to step 18. If no, Check your connections.

Next we'll make the headband for wearing your speakers. Tear off 2 pieces of aluminum foil 5 inches long.

Fold one piece carefully and flat so it is 2 inches wide.

Fold the other piece of Foil so it is 1 inch wide.

Slide the smaller piece of foil in the bigger one.

Adjust the foil until you have the foil is covering both ears.

Bend both ends of the foil at a 90 degree angle.

Carefully tape the cup to the foil so the cup is facing your ear. Do this for both sides.

It should look like this. The size will depend on your head size!

Hook up both of your speakers to your audio source and you'll have a pair headphones.

Watch the video: Paper Speakers various materials

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