How to cook goose liver pate in an alto-shaam cook & hold

Preheat Alto-Shaam Cook & Hold to 250F (121C)degrees.

Line terrine with plastic film.

1/3 oz. of salt.

Sprig of pepper.

2oz. Of Armagnac.

Add goose liver to terrine.

Add seasoning.

Fill terrine to the top.

Add rest of seasoning.

3 lbs of goose liver.

Add 2 oz of Armagnac.

Fold over the excess plastic wall lining of the terrine.

Wrap terrine completely with plastic wrap.

Press down on the pâté.

Cook at 250 degrees.

Check for consistency.

Cook for two hours.

Hold at 140F (60C) degrees.

Check the color.

Cool down in refrigerator.


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