How to make 72hr st. louis ribs sous vide with alto-shaam

Remove packaging from ribs and place on pan

Prepare rub or use store bought

Season ribs

Seasoned ribs ready for cold smoke

Soak wood chips for 10-15 min

Place in smoke box from Alto-Shaam 767-SKIII

Place smoke box in unit

Place full hotel pan of ice above smoke box.

Place ribs on shelf above ice.

Set up unit for cold smoke, burn wood 15 minutes, then let product rest in unit for 30 more minutes.

Remove ribs from unit.

Place into sous vide bags

And seal.

Place bags into combi oven and

Low temp steam at 180F (82C) to pastureize.

Have Cook and Hold unit preheated to 145F (63C).

Place pasteurized bags into the cook and hold and cook for 72 hours.

Remove from unit after 72 hours.

Rub with sauce.

And caramelize and serve.

Watch the video: How to cook pork ribs sous vide

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