How to paint frida

I covered the entire canvas.

I sketched out a dress, then painted around it with gesso.

I sketched little flowers and leaves on the edges of the canvas, too, and painted gesso around them.

I sketched a little more detail then painted over the gesso with Lagoon Velvet

I used Vegas Gold Sorbet to paint around the flowers and leaves on the edges of the canvas.

I painted in some detail on the face, hair and blouse.

I mixed Waimea Bay Colorations with Mud to give the Mud some tint.

I applied the mud with the rubber spatula.

I shaded with Pitt Artist Pen Big Brushes.

And, here she is! Frida Kahlo...

I randomly stamped a texture stamp around the canvas with black ink.

Thanks for checking this out! ~Robin

Watch the video: FRIDA KAHLO watercolor painting

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