How to bake cinnamon rolls in a combi oven

Combine and mix sugar and cinnamon together

Roll out dough into a 15x9 in. rectangle on a well floured surface

Spread surface of dough with melted butter

Once evenly buttered, coat surface with sugar mixture and roll into a log shape

Grease cupcake tins

Cut individual rolls and place within each cupcake slot

Proof steam in the combi at 90F (32C) for 30 min.

Rolls will need to be placed back in oven as soon as it is preheated to 375F (190C) or they will collapse.

Bake proof rolls at 375F (190C) convection for 25 min.

Rolls are done once the edges turn a golden brown.

Quickly remove rolls from pan and plate while still warm.

Glaze with a vanilla frosting.

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