How to make homemade tzaziki (greek style)

Peel your cucumber.

Shredder it into a sieve and don't forget to put a bowl under it. Otherwise it would be a mess! Then put salt to make the water running out better. Set aside!

Then spread a kitchen towel and 1kg of the yogurt on it.

Wrap it like seen!

Turn it to squeeze the water out. It gives a better more intensive taste and makes it last longer in the fridge!

You have done it right if you can peel off the towel very easily almost without any arrears.

Do the Same with the other kilo yogurt and put them into a big Bowl.

Dice your onion and add it to the yogurt.

Same with the garlic!

Back to our cucumber. The water should be out by now. If so, add the cucumber to the big Bowl.

Now season everything with garlic seasoning, salt and pepper! Just take as much as you prefer! But I would put just a pinch of the pepper and more from the salt and garlic!

Mix it good!

Finally your Greek homemade Tsaziki is ready,but for really best results & incredible garlic taste, let it stay over night in the fridge! But remember that everybody near you will faint if you Talk😉

You can serve it with french fries and gyros or just use it as a dip! Everything is possible!

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