How to make a rubber band book

Gather materials

Fold cover and pages in half.

Punch holes on fold of cover.

Punch holes on fold of pages.

Tightly roll up the magazine page to make a stick.

Glue it across top. Roll it all the way until you have a stick.

Loop the rubber band through the stick and place next to book cover with pages inside.

Poke the rubber band through one of the holes in the book. Thread the rubber band through all the pages until you reach the middle of the book.

You can see how the rubber band is looped over the stick.

Now stretch the rubber band to the other hole. Poke it down through all the pages and out the other side.

Stretch the lubber band over the end of the stick to secure it.

Finally, cut the ends of the stick even with the edge of the cover. You can add pages to the book by slipping the rubber band off the stick.

Watch the video: Lab Press at Home: Rubber Band Book

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