How to make (low-sugar) blueberry jelly

Check over blueberries, discard any bruised or shriveled berries, and remove any stems.

Smash berries. (Wearing an apron is a good idea so you do not get speckled with blueberry juice.)

Start cooking berries over medium heat. Continue to smash berries. I add 2 tbsp butter, which helps avoid jelly foaming.

Add sugar.....

and pectin....

Stir until dissolved.

Turn up heat and bring to a rolling boil, stirring constantly (I like bits of fruit in my jelly. If you want yours smooth, you can run the fruit through a food processor)

Continue to stir and boil for one minute.

Remove from heat & ladle into jars.

So delicious!

Watch the video: EASY Low Carb Blueberry Jam! No Sugar added. Keto. No artificial ingredients

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