How to make spicy pineapple (thum)

I cut up a pineapple into bite sized chunks. Also I cut 2 grape tomatoes into smaller pieces. I used a small pestle and mortar since I made enough for one person.

I smashed about 4 chili peppers.

Next, add some pineapples and the tomatoes. Smash them all together to get some good juice out from the pineapples.

Next add some toasted rice. I like a little more so I added about half a spoonful. Also add padek and fish sauce. I added 2 spoonfuls of padek and a spoonful of fish sauce at this point.

Squeeze some lime. Keep stirring and smashing a little more and taste the pineapple to see if it tastes good. I added a little more fish sauce and squeezed a little more lime.

Done! Bon Apetit! 😋🍍🔥

Watch the video: Grilled Pineapple. Tasty Fried Pineapple. Sweet and Spicy Pineapple Fry

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