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Create cards from brown cardstock. To create the interior of each card paint watercolor paper with Lemon Tart and Just Peachy. Once dry, paint Evergreen Sorbet randomly through Dot Matrix stencil.

Stamp and die cut leaves. Paint with Limeaid Velvet and highlight with Evergreen Sorbet.

Stamp and die cut flowers and butterflies. Paint the roses with Lemon Tart, Tiger's Eye, Just Peachy, Cotton Candy and Persimmon. Paint butterflies and daisies with Lemon Tart and Tiger's Eye.

Cut interior panel to 4" x 10". Fold in half and place the vase die on the center point and the zig zag die as shown. Tape in place the die cut.

After die cutting, the panel will look like this - fold on the scored lines to create the tabs onto which we will add all the elements. Ink the edges of the panel with brown ink.

Paint vase with Pixie Sorbet to simulate water. After painting all items, adhere to the scored tabs create in the previous step.

Adhere the painted panel to the card.

Die cut the 2nd panel in the same fashion as the first. Use the zig zag die for the top edge with the vase in the center and a doily die for the bottom edge.

Ink around panel with brown ink. Assemble the painted pieces and adhere to the tabs created during the die cutting process.

Stamp and die cut the sentiment and adhere to the top of the card. Adhere the painted panel to the card base.

These cards are made so that the elements "pop up" when the cards are opened.

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