How to create a bucket list inspired art journal with aa

Prepare our stuff.

Start with white paper. I like watercolor paper ;) Just apply Stucco randomly.

Let it dry.

Then paint all paper with blue tint.

Next layer of blue. Honolulu blue. And some splashes.

A little bit of darkness... here and there with TUXEDO ;) Use fingers and AA Stencil.

Looking good :)

Little close up, when it still wet.

The last step is for adding text and some doodling with black pen. It's done. :)

Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed..

by the things you didn't do..

than by the ones you did do...

So throw off the bowlines...

catch the trade winds in your sails...

sail away from the safe harbor...

explore, dream, discover...

Watch the video: Stuck at home? Why not make a 2020 Bucket List Spread in your BuJo?

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