How to make taste of summer salad with dressing

Add coconut oil to a 1/4 cup and add it to a blender

And add a 1/4 cup of water

Take two tablespoons of honey to the coconut oil and water mix

Add 1/4 a cup of red wine vinegar to the mix

Take the leaves off of 8 oz of strawberries

Add it to the mix in the blender and blend everything

It should look like this (put it in the freezer for it to cool by the time the salad is done)

Rinse some spinach

And cut up strawberries (8 oz)

Add cut up green and red apples

And 1/4 a cup of mandarin oranges

And about 1/4 a cup of halved walnuts

And mozzarella cheese

Mix together

Add to a bowl

And add the dressing and enjoy

Watch the video: 8 Healthy Salad Dressings REALLY QUICK

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