How to alter a bra with art anthology

Hello creative peeps! Kristie Taylor here with another creative journey! Lets create an altered bra together!

First,gather supplies lol it looks like a mess huh? I wasnt exactly sure which direction I was going when I started so I just got out a bunch of "stuff" like Jewlery findings,ribbon, and metal pieces.

I started by using a hot glue gun to adhere some vintage lace.

and I added some felt ribbon

Looking good, but we have a long ways to go

I decided that I didnt like the felt ribbon, so i cut that away except for a few curls. I then added some metal gears and findings.

and some more... :)

and even more.. basically just keep adding odds and ends until you are happy with the design. dont worry about color because we are painting over everything.

I added some jewelry pieces in the center and on the sides that I will later hook some chains to.

Paint over the entire thing with Gesso and all to dry completely.

Spray the bra with AA "Silk tie" and allow to dry.

next, I painted it with AA Gemstones "Garnet".

But I didnt like so I used spray gesso over the whole thing...(i do this a lot) :P

Piant the lower portion of the bra with AA "Blue topaz"

Then the next section with AA "Wineberry".

Then the next section with AA "Mardi Gras".

Then the top section with AA "Imperial"

Once the paint is completely dry, Use a hot glue gun to adhere rhinestones and chains.

Look at the beautiful bra! I love the ombre effect of using the different shades, much better than the all one color that it was at first. dont you? :)

Make sure to do monthly breast exams ladies!! and Gentlemen.. make sure that your ladies are.

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Just look at all that beautiful color and texture!

Thanks so much for visiting me today! I hope you will go and alter a bra for yourself or a friend. Please visit my blog and follow me too!!

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