How to use pebeo prisme fantasy paints

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Firstly find the items you wish to decorate. I used a number of wooden laser cuts and also some paper beads and chipboard embellishments.

I have covered a tube paper bead with Emerald Prisme Fantasy. This paint is enamel based so I apply it with toothpicks rather than a brush. It also takes a while to dry. I leave items to dry overnight

I've used a toothpick to blob the emerald paint on this wooden flowers first.

Then I've added in Pearl Violine and used the toothpick to blend the two colours together.

this is one of my paper beads before I've applied an Prisme Fantasy paint

And this is after I've used some left over paint from the flowers to coat the bead. I then spin the bead every couple of minutes until the paint no longer runs so that beads and pooling doesn't occur.

Another wooden embellishment. Here I've used pearl violine and antique gold mixed together to achieve this effect. I then used a toothpick to gently lift the flower off the paper.

This is an example of pooling or beading. Notice the bead is on the top. I have rotated the bead from the bottom to the top and it will gradually disperse with gravity.

This is a chipboard bird that i also had spare. I'm going to use it for a greeting card project in the future.

This is the paint before it has the beautiful honeycomb effect occur during the curing process

Just after applying Eggshell White and Onyx to a wooden embellishment. I loved the colour blending on this embellishment.

This is 2 hours into the curing process and closer to the finished product. look at the gorgeous honeycombing.

I had four of these wooden flowers. I'm thinking of creating something cute for my niece with them.

now the finishing touches. I picked both teal and purple paint to finish off the edges. i don't tend to paint the edges as much because the paint makes the objects stick to what they are resting on

and the finished flower. I'm loving the purple. it's just the right shade of Oriental violet from pebeo.

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