How to tame ocelots/wolves on minecraft pe

First, find an ocelot. They are super fast and will run away if you so much as turn your head, so approach with caution- and plenty of raw fish to tame it with! Ocelots are found in jungle biomes.

Once you've lured in your ocelot with raw fish, tap the "tame" button. It may take several pieces of fish to win over the ocelot, so come prepared!

Once tamed, your ocelot will turn into a cute kitty! They can be Siamese, tabby, or black. Although they will run from almost all mobs, they'll scare off creepers for you!

To get a dog, find a wolf. They are commonly found in taiga, forest, or snow biomes. Bring bones to tame it with-they are easier to lure than ocelots, but it can still take several bones to tame them.

Lure in your wolf with bones. Again, tap the "tame" button until the wolf sits down and a collar appears around its neck.

You now have a loyal dog! It will attack almost any mob alongside you- except for creepers, in which case it will run for its life. Pretty sensible...

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