How to create a halloween graveyard scene

Chose the area you're wanting to turn into a spooky graveyard scene.

Put the fencing around the area, to make a square or rectangle. If this is being done up against a wall or a house, the fencing will only need to cover the open areas.

Once the fencing is up, pour the dirt into the area, and spread it around with a rake, shovel, or whatever you have available that can distribute it evenly. It should look similar to the following:

Once you have the dirt and fencing in place to your liking, place the tombstones around in a random order. If this is on a porch or cement, you can place the tombstones against the wall.

Spread the spiderweb around the scene. There is no real order for this.

Lastly, you can of course add any additional props or decorations to your graveyard. I used an old zombie mask in mine.

Tip! To give it some more oomph, you can add outdoor lights to it. Under the dirt or around the scene to your liking.

Watch the video: DIY Halloween Cemetery Fence

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