How to make over a small entry hall

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If your entry hall isn't inviting, paint and accessories can completely transform it into a welcoming space!

Paint several big swatches to test them out in your own space so you can see what color works best with your light and woodwork. Paint colors left to right: White on White, Swan White and Stone White.

For our project, we selected Swan White by Glidden and had it mixed in Glidden Duo Paint + Primer with an eggshell finish. You can find this paint at Home Depot.

Lay down a drop cloth, tape off your trim, and start painting! We painted two coats for a nice finish. With Glidden Duo, there is no need to prime first!

Don't forget to paint the ceiling too! In a small space you can paint the ceiling and walls the same color to make the space feel larger. Paint the ceiling first to avoid drips.

Add accessories like a colorful patterned rug, an entry table for storage, a bench, or mirrors.

Step back and enjoy your new entry! You will be so glad to come home to a more welcoming space.

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