How to make a polymer clay flower

Go find things around the house to punch holes with... Or just cut your own! First, punch a hole out with your biggest item

Like that

Okay... Not the best pic...punch a hole out with a smaller item (skinny marker)


I'm making petals like this but you can make triangles,half circles, whatever!

Apply petals to circle, going all the way around

Like so, don't worry about the scratches! They will get covered with petals!

Add a layer behind the rest, and just add layers till your happy

Ok, I'm happy

Roll out a snake

Cut it up and roll into balls


Make into petals and apply

Repeat steps 10-13 but cut the balls in half


I added a rhinestone but you can't really see it!

Dust with pastels if you want

Bake according to package, but CAUTION🔥🔥🔥🔥⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️♨️♨️♨️♨️ 🌺 will be hot!!!!!

Ok, it might have turned out flimsy, but I have a poly clay hack! Just run under cold water, dry, and proceed! ( also gets rid of extra pastels!)

Apply glaze and sprinkle salt and/or glitter if you like

Here are my flowers! On the right I did triangles and a painted pebble in the middle!

Thanks for watching! Press the ️ button if you like this,and follow me! Bye! ( I will update if I make more)

Here I made a rose and added golden leaves(When i overlapped I put the petal beside it instead of behind it) I also used half circles for petals

Thanks for the likes yall! If yall are interested in polymer clay, check out my mini pencil guide, and I'll try to make more polymer clay guides!

Hello again! Christmas is right around the corner, so I thought I'd make a poinsettia! I have a short step by step, but it's pretty much like the guide you just saw!

To make a poinsettia: use paper cutouts to poke holes around to make a petals out might wanna flip it over and do that side

Peel away, this would make a beautiful leaf texture, but for a flower you might wanna press the edges in a bit

Here you go, and make different sizes, just like the regular guide

I pinch them in just a bit

If you look closely at a poinsettia, the petals look like leaves! So it's kinda like making a leaf, we'll just add some detail!

Arrange the petals

Making the center was easy, I just cover a small ball with gold balls

I used dotting tools for details!

Bake,glaze/paint, and enjoy!!!!!

Watch the video: How to Sculpt Hibiscus Flowers. Polymer Clay Tutorial

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