How to create a mixed media bra with art anthology

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Cut it if you want. I cut it to create a different shape.

Glue all the layers of bra. Using glue or gel medium

Apply a layer of gel medium. That will make it stronger.

Another layer-gesso. One or two times.

More gesso ;) inside...

We need colors!!! Apply Art Anthology Reef on it. Do it irregular to create shadows and lights of denim.

Make a bow of lace.

And make the other parts of bra. Using a stapler and lace.

Next step is texture and more color :) Apply Art Anthology Orchid through the AA Stencil.

The last step is a little touch of gesso. I add also two self-adhesive crystals.

It's finished. Thanks for stopping by. Check more on Art Anthology blog, Marta De.

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