How to create decorated mini pumpkins

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Tattered Angels and Canvas Home Brands Products Used

Start with a small pumpkin of your choice. I used pumpkins of all colors and shapes, but they fit in my hand.

Lay the grey rope along your glue line from top to bottom in the groove.

Glue and lay the rope all the way to the bottom.

Add glue to the next groove all the way from top to bottom

Starting from the bottom, run the rope back up along the next groove you just put glue on. Just bend the rope on go back up.

Run the rope all the way back to the top stem.

Add glue to the next groove and repeat the same procedure until the entire pumpkin had rope going up and down.

Top of pumpkin. Don't cut your rope yet!!

Bottom of pumpkin. Don't worry if it is not perfect, it is the bottom after all!!

Add glue all the way around the stem.

Wrap rope around stem on top of the glue. This fills in the gaps.

Cut off excess rope.

Using the Large Ivy die from Die~Namites Dies cut out 2-3 shapes from Canvas Home Brands Kraft cardstock.

I cut the ivy pieces because they were too long to fit on the pumpkin. They were laying on the ground and I did not like that look.

Spray with Tattered Angels Twinkle Yellow mist.

Lightly Spray with Candy Corn

Allow to dry

Tie a simple bow with the CCB Grey Hemp Rope

Cut up some raffia and glue the raffia, bow, and the ivy to the top of the pumpkin.

Add in some small flowers in coordinating colors just above the ivy.

You are done! A cute little decorated pumpkin for the fall season!!

Here is a plain one, no flowers, ivy, or raffia on a plain orange pumpkin.

Here is a fairy house pumpkin. It does not have the grooves running up and down like the others, so I altered it and wrapped rope around the bottom then decorated the top.

I just used a light spray on Candy Corn mist on the ivy, only used 2 flowers, and no raffia.

Here is a fun greenish pumpkin. I added extra ivy and raffia, but only 2 flowers to the top.

For this one I used hints of black in the ivy (black CCB cardstock) and black flowers, no raffia or misting.

These would be great as a decorating on a mantle, table centerpiece (think Thanksgiving), or other areas of your house. They can also make cute gifts!!

Happy Fall!!

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