How to make a simple soutache pendant

Cut your backing around your flat back bead

Adhere the bead to the felt and hide the first piece of cording behind it

Start stitching remember to using matching thread. I'm using a lighter one for instruction purposes

Always come out through the center

Continue stitching round and round

Second row

3rd row

On your 4th row start filling your design with some seed beads

Add interest with a bigger glass bead matching your cording

Make sure you hug your bead with the cording and tie securely in the back

Secure your threads in the back and glue the tip of your cording once you are ready to cut

Finished first part

I added a pearl for interest here!

Again come up through all the layers of soutache

For the hanging part fold 4 inches of cording and stitch to your base

I hid my stitches but went up and down to make it more secure

Finished 2nd part

Cut a piece of matching felt for the finishing

You're ready to wear it! Enjoy You can always find me on my blog

Watch the video: DIY Easy Soutache Earrings - Polymer clay tutorial

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