How to make 'flan parisien' baked custard 🇫🇷

The cup measurements: 3 cups milk, 1 cup whipping cream, 1 cup sugar, 3/4 cup corn flour, vanilla pods 2-3, and 8 egg yolks

Slash the vanilla beans and scrape the creamy seads.

Put the milk and the cream in a pot. Add the vanilla seads and beans. Bring to a soft boil. Put off the heat and let infuse 30 mins

Line the dish with baking paper. Easier to take out. You can bake the custard in a round tart dish or any. This ld an every day family recipe

Beat sugar+eggs until doubled add the corn flour.

Discard the vanilla beans. And add over the egg mixture.. Bit by bit and while the mixer Is running on medium

Then back to the casserole. Cook on medium low until thick. Let cool down then bake at 200 C 35 mins

Out from the oven

cool and refrigerate overnight.

Cut into 16 squares or as you fancy. Depends on the baking dish used.

It is just delicious

Watch the video: The Perfect Caramel Custard Recipe - How to Make Flan

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