How to draw a simple eye

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Gather your supplies.

Make sure your pencil isn't too sharp and draw this shape. it doesn't matter if it is a bit messy; sometimes messy is good.

Draw a circle that is ever so slightly bigger than your thumb in the center of your eye.

See! I'm only 12 so my thumb is slightly smaller, but you get the rough size of it.

Draw another smaller circle inside and shade it in, get lighter as you go along, leaving a small white patch in one of the corners, mine is in the top left/on the right, but is doesn't really matter.

This patch; it gives a touch of light to it.

Shade lightly around the pupil, and softly draw lines coming away from it, of all different lengths. Make sure they do not touch the edge.

Shade in one corner of the eye.

Now add the lashes, make sure the bottom ones are about half the length of the top ones.

Add a little dot to the end of your eye.

Draw this Rough shape for the eye brow, I prefer this shape but it all depends on what you think the shape of an eye brow as, as they can be different.

Shade it in, again, getting lighter as you go down.

This is where you sharpen your pencil to as sharp as you can get it without breaking.

I would say this is suitable.

Take your pencil and add small thin lines for hair, we don't want to make it look solid.

Do the same fir the inside of he brow, but slightly longer.

And that's about it! I hope you like it!

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