How to draw an eye

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Draw a circle

Draw another circle

Draw the inner circle black

Leave one part white, draw another part black and lines coming from the inner circle outwards and lines which going from the outer circle inward.

Draw more lines like in step 4 and move your finger on it to blend it (I don't know the English word)

Do step 4&5 again, if you want it darker

Draw a curved line above the eye

Draw a curved line under the line and make the line above thicker

Draw a curved line above the first line

Shade the left side of the eye. Start with pressing hard, then lighter

Do the same in the other side. Move you finger on it so you "blend" it

Do the same between ten first and the second line

Add eyelashes

Draw bottom lashes and draw this little thing on the left

Shade it!

Watch the video: How to Draw and Stylize Eyes! - Tutorial

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