How to paint a flower o'keeffe style

Draw a flower VERY big with oil pastel, so that it is going right off the paper. You should not see the whole flower. Add extra accent lines.

Paint your petals in the color of your choice. Paint right over the oil pastel. It will not cover it up. Leave some streaks of white as you paint.

Paint another layer of watercolor on top of the petals. Pick a color that is close to the color you already painted it. (Example: I did blue green first, and then blue on top of that)

Paint the background with a different color.

Go over the background again with a color that is similar to the color you just painted (example: I did red violet and violet).

Paint the center of the flower.

Choose another color to add to the center that is similar to the color you just painted.

Put it on the drying rack!

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