How to make all natural make up remover with vitamine e

Vitamin E oil helps skin retain moisture and keeps it nice and soft

Jojoba is one of the closest oils that mimics the natural oils your face produces. It also captures and holds dirt and makeup making them easier for removal

Witch hazel is a natural astringent that helps break down oils and it also soothes inflamed skin due to breakouts

Mix all ingredients in a new or clean bottle. The oils will separate naturally

Shake before use!

Add small amount of remover to a cotton pad.

This remover is great because it works for everything! Even on my waterproof mascara and eye liner.

Wipe off eye makeup. If I am wearing waterproof makeup I will wait a few seconds before wiping off excess remover

I can do both eyes with one cotton pad if I'm wearing a normal amount of makeup. I use one for each eye when wearing heavy makeup but a little goes a long way!

Clean off foundation and wash your pretty face as usual! If skin is dry the remover can be used as a moisturizer, just leave on for a few minutes before wiping off excess!

For this guide I used "JÄSÖN" vitamin e. "Desert Essence" jojoba. And drugstore brand witch hazel.

I prefer Jason vitamin E for the naturally sweet smell, but all natural oils will be good!

Watch the video: How to Make Your Own Face Wash, Toner, + Moisturizer. DIY All-Natural Skincare

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