How to make a zebra cake

Take your three cake mixes and lay them out.

Put a scoop of chocolate into both round cake pans.

Put a scoop of strawberry and then put a scoop of vanilla on top of the chocolate.

Repeat pattern until cake pans are full. Put in oven and bake for 15-17 minutes ate 350*F.

Take cake out of oven. Let them cool and take them out of the pans.

Frost the top of one cake, and put the other cake on top of it.

Frost both cakes completely. This is called a crumb coat.

Roll out fondant so it is about the thickness of a t-shirt.

Place rolled fondant onto cakes.

Trim off excess fondant as you smooth it out.

Roll out black fondant and use a pizza cutter to create zebra stripes.

Put zebra stripes on in no particular pattern.

Once all stripes are placed on cake take extra fondant and begin to roll out into a long string.

Begin twisting the different color string together.

Wrap around the bottom of the cake. ENJOY!!!

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