How to make kraft mac + cheese with a twist

Kraft Mac and cheese

Start frying the breadcrumbs with olive oil , cumin, onion powder, garlic powder and salt/ pepper

Like this, keep stirring or it will burn

Get a pan, put some of the breadcrumbs on the bottom

I add ham because my son loves it when I do that but it's completely optional.

When you boil your macaroni , add some butter to it. Make sure it's buttery because of the dry ingredients that's a coming

I only added half of the pack of my Mac and cheese.

Stir it

Add whatever cheese mix you would like to it. Or just some random cheese

Add some good expensive aged cheese. That's the key to making the best of Mac and cheese. I added some aged cheddar

Now add the macaroni to the pan with the panko

Add some more cheese on top of it.

Add more of the panko. Put it in the oven for 350 degree for 12 minutes, or until the cheese under the panko melted

There we have it. That's pretty much how we make it in my restaurant except a bit more complicated.

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